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Anonymous asked:
Is there a adult male version of the Teen Diesel jeans you released? If not can you convert them to base-game?

I never did but you can find them here by someone else. They aren’t gradient, if that’s what you want, but you could always just use the mask from the teen ones. 

Cool? Cool.



Hey, guys. 

This community is lovely, it really is. Unfortunately I have trouble fitting in with just about any community and so I feel like maybe this is going to be the end of my simblr. You can only talk to yourself for so long before you get bored. I’m leaving it up so that my old stuff is still accessible, nothing worse than following a link to dl something and finding out the blog is deactivated, ha.

You guys are all very lovely, you are. Don’t let anyone tell you different. 

May your horse dildos always have testicles. 👊

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I’m not great it took me a million tries and tbh the last person gave up.

Still proud though. ^_^

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Just dropping in to say sorry i havent posted much recently. There are 3 reasons tbh.

1) My game is screwed up really badly. I can’t save, I can’t edit town, etc etc.

2) I’ve been trying to win 3 games of hearthstone to get that fucking mount. Why is it so difficult? I’ve played like 50 games and won once. I just wanted the fucking mount.

3) I guess there were only 2 reasons. Ha.

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usually i don’t dress my sims in stuff i wouldn’t personally wear

lately ive been trying to stop that

its harder than i thought

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Bless all you creators. <3


all day everyday

Anonymous asked:
108, 117, 118 - they for adults only.

Okay so the only one I’m missing is 122 then! :)

Anonymous asked:
Small problem with my page as soon as all get better send them to you again. Bija

I have all except 122. Could only find adult versions of 108, 117 and 118. Not sure if there are younger versions but

Anonymous asked:

All right it’s a lot of hairs so you’ll have to give me a couple days okay? :)

Edit: The message you sent me with all the links disappeared and Idk why. So I’ll have to dig them all up.

Edit 2: The only one I couldn’t get was 122.

Anonymous asked:
I just sent them to you.

Do you want them retextured?