Hey guys it’s almost October

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Daryl: *mocks random townie*

Random townie: Are you seeing this BS?!

Just to let you guys know, I am going to be participating in the simblreen thingie. I’ve made some sims 4 stuff just for the occasion. I’ll also be making it work for sims 3, so woo?

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So I was playing my Daryl sim, because that’s how I roll.

When suddenly I go to look in his inventory and there is a new (when I first clicked it, it had the yellow NEW tag on it) book. Where’d the book come from? I haven’t ordered anything except for skill books and I put them all away and…

So I go to see what it’s called and…Oh.

Getting a headstart eh? GG.

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🎃Hello humans. :) 🎃

Here is this year’s schedule:

(Saturday) September 27th to (Thursday) October 23rd:
A spread the word event where we all make advertisements and party and just generally get excited about Simblreen.  Pre-event mini gifts? Get excited about Halloween photo-shoots?  Preview shots?  Story prequels?   I don’t know, it’s for the community and by the community, so let your personalities shine. :)

October 24th- 26th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday):
Porch lights and gifts

October 27th-October 31st:
Partying and playing with our goodies and feeling good about spooky life. Lots of sharing pictures and finding new simblrs to love.

October 31st:
Last chance gifting.


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phyrcracker93 replied to your link:
Is this something that is simple enough for even non cc makers to use? Or is it something that you would need to know how to make cc in order to use it..? Probably a dumb question, but I wanted to know.

It’s super simple, if you know how to use photoshop/gimp/whatever it’s pretty much just all laid out. They have tutorials written on it (link at the bottom of the post I linked) and it took me less than an hour to figure out what I was doing. :)

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If you want to do sims 4 recolors I recommend this tool.

I have never recommended anything more in my life. I tried the other recolour tool but I prefer this one. It’s beautiful and I want to make sweet love to it.


My sim has decided that instead of eating her food with a fork, she’s going to eat her hand with a plate. Seems like a marvelous idea. 

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imageMan, the new Sims game is taking a dark turn.

from this post

Here you can see how good I am with the TS4 CAS demo.

hint: not very

I just redid an old sim of mine that probably no one but me remembers. 

I’m currently playing the Sims 2 for the first time since Sims 3 came out.

Jeez it runs so smooth. Though I don’t have any CC (yet?) so that’s probably why. 

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I changed my theme so if I broke anything please let me know.

Unless I broke the ask. Then how could you let me know?


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There, I changed my icon so that Daryl Dixon can silently judge you.

You’re welcome.

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i hear about the sims 4 demo thing and sign on origin to check

ofc i don’t get it lol im the unluckiest person i know anyhow. 

hope youre all doing well!

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Anonymous asked:
I just wanna say thank you for keeping up your downloads. They're really great :3

No problem! I know how annoying it is to follow a link from somewhere else to something that is deactivated. :)